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Nikki Mirra is an American-born singer/songwriter who blends acoustic folk with blues, jazz, and pop. Like Nikki herself, her music is hard to pin down as any one thing... but it feels like a warm, cozy room with dim lighting, good wine, or a whisky.
A wanderer and a storyteller at heart, Nikki sings of different lives and lands. From Australia and Singapore to New York, California, India, Scotland, Paraguay, and Spain, she is, at once, from all of them and none of them. 
Nikki weaves honest, poignant, and sometimes funny, lyrics into strong, beautiful melodies, capturing both the lovely and melancholy richness of life and what it means to be human. Her voice is soothing, her heart is deep, and her style is reminiscent of times gone by.  
Nikki hopes to record and release her first full-length album "Between Lives," later this year. Stay tune'd! 
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